Lights, Camera…Drink??

Once a year (in some years, multiple when babies are born), we have had a professional photo shoot of our family.  And always, these quickly become our favorite images of the year!  For some, the thought of simply choosing outfits for a family photo shoot is stressful. But then, the day-of, you literally may have to plaster... Continue Reading →

Door County

We just returned from our annual Door County trips and many people have asked about it.  So here is my quick little tutorial on DC.  The most important thing is to NOT over plan and set your expectations very low.  That is just the way of life up one is in a rush and... Continue Reading →


I was recently asked, "do you ever yell at your kids??...No seriously, does the "schmitt" hit the fan in your house hold?"  It made me chuckle for a quick second, but here were my initial thoughts.  Clearly she doesn't walk by my house when I'm closing windows because the majority of my family is crying... Continue Reading →

OWN the Summer!!

If you listen carefully, you will hear the "cheers" of teachers cups, celebrating another successful school year...and now the wheels start spinning in parents heads, questioning, "what now?"  I am SO excited to have our guest writer JK back to help us take back the summer. So I’m about 4 hours into Summer Break and... Continue Reading →

Let the Kids Cook!

I met Caty through a local women's social club, but really got to know her better once our daughters enrolled in the same ballet class. I love reading Caty’s blog and am super thrilled to be a small part. I am a Graphic Designer turned into SAHM of three children Bradon (7), Hannah (5) and... Continue Reading →

Seek-A-Saurus Review

This weekend, the girls had an awesome opportunity to preview at a brand NEW children's book before it is released.  The girls certainly loved it and and as a mommy, I had a few thoughts of my own.  As I promised, I will always "keep it real" and this book review will be nothing short... Continue Reading →

Snow Day!!

7:30 this morning: I was enjoying some morning coffee and snuggles with my girls, embracing our first snow day of the year!  After a larger than normal weekday breakfast, I was left to my motherly duty of dishes and finding ways to entertain the 3 girls.  As I predicted, by 8:30, I got my first... Continue Reading →

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