Please Don’t…

Here are my “please don’t s” for Mother’s Day.

Don’t attempt a fancy brunch.

For one it’s way over priced and stressful. Cold buffet eggs, sweaty mom, screaming kids in public OR doughnuts and coffee snuggling on the couch? This is 100% a strong hint to my family. Plus bottomless mimosas…winning! If you have any go to brunch places that are truly kid friendly please share…and no McDonald’s hot cakes do not count.

Don’t dress to impress.

Today is your day to celebrate in comfort! If that means pjs do it! If it means wearing your best dress and heels do it! But only dress for yourself. No matter what you are wearing it’s your body that you should celebrate. As women we are the first to tear down our bodies. I am right there with you! No matter what your story is your body is amazing and you should celebrate it.

Don’t hashtag.

Social media has polluted so many cherished holidays. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing to see everyone’s photos but posts mean way more when you can tell they come from the heart.

Don’t ask mom to not do anything on Mother’s Day.

Let’s be honest moms rule the world. We are the ring master of our circus. The crust to our pizza. So if you knock us off our regular programmed routine that just means more cleanup Monday morning. What you can do is say “thank you” or surprise us with extra help.

Don’t forget you are loved.

Kids of all ages know how to push our buttons or challenge our parenting credentials but we are their everything. We have the gift of loving on our kids every day! Don’t ever take that for granted!

She loved, she laughed, she cussed

Happy Mother’s Day!

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