Lights, Camera…Drink??

Once a year (in some years, multiple when babies are born), we have had a professional photo shoot of our family.  And always, these quickly become our favorite images of the year!  For some, the thought of simply choosing outfits for a family photo shoot is stressful. But then, the day-of, you literally may have to plaster a smile on your face while disciplining your children through your burning glare.  Needless to say, it can be overwhelming.  BUT…we still go through with the shoot it hoping that, through the stress, we capture one magical photo that becomes a favorite for years to come.

Photographers have a gift that can not be recreated.  They are able to freeze time and capture amazing images of our children through the years that are invaluable.




So, through trial and error, I now have a couple tricks up my sleeve.  Here are some tips we have found to be successful, and I would encourage you to find something that works for you as well:


Book your photos far enough in advance that you are able to start dreaming up your “look.”  Set aside some time to pull together your outfits, days in advance.  For example…and what not to do:  Before one of my maternity photo shoots, my husband announced that he was leaving to run to the mall (yes, a mall) quickly because his shirt did not fit right.  This was literally sixty minutes before we needed to load up and head out. There was even a time I put my kids in outfits that “I” visualized to look amazing, but my best friend stated…”nice, but B looks like a Tom Sawyer.”  Lay all your clothes out in advance, and send it to people to get their feedback…especially your photographer!  HA!!

Photos by Julie Collins Photography


Whether that means an extra hour of yoga that day, or having a cocktail prior to photos.  Once you accept the fact that you will NOT have full control over your shoot, you just need to relax!  So cheers to the day and have an extra afternoon glass of wine!!

Photos by Julie Collins Photography


There is no shame in hiring extra help.  Initially we were going to have a relative come with us to watch the girls, but we decided it would be best to have their “go to” babysitter join us.  It was amazing!  We set her up with a messenger bag filled with toys, snacks (mess free of course), brushes, baby wipes, etc…  She was able to watch the kiddos that weren’t being photographed and was the best extra set of hands we could have asked for!  Prior to doing this, we would have to play fetch with our children so they would leave us alone for a second for mom and dad to get a photo together.


Hopefully you all enjoy looking back at family photos as much as I do, and incorporate a few easy tips, to make it not only less stressful, but memorable at the same time!!

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Photos by Julie Collin Photography

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