Door County

We just returned from our annual Door County trips and many people have asked about it.  So here is my quick little tutorial on DC.  The most important thing is to NOT over plan and set your expectations very low.  That is just the way of life up there…no one is in a rush and everything is very relax.  Over the past couple of years we have found our “go to” places and have not strayed too far from them because why rock the boat, especially when traveling with three kids!


We stay at The Water Street Inn located in Ephriam.  Ephriam is conveniently located in the middle of DC which makes it very easy to travel quickly to Fish Creek and Sister Bay.  The website and photos speak for themselves.  The grounds are beautiful and this is a very kid friendly environment.  This past weekend the weather hovering right around seventy degree but with the heated outdoor pool the girls had a blast!  This year we even took out the free kyacks and bikes they have right on property for guests to use.  If you want me to get very specific I would suggest getting room 101.  It is a little bit larger in size and if you still have a kiddo that naps your long range baby monitor will reach to the pool (score!).  Always request the front building and Also on that note if you do have younger children please request to be on the first floor.  The railings on the second floor are original so they are a little bit too far apart for this mama’s nerves.



We don’t do a whole lot of paid “entertainment” because there are free parks every where and tons of free activities outside the resorts and shops (i.e. bags, badmitten etc).  Here are two places I would highlight:

  • The Farm  This Place is so cute and clean!  My middle child was horrified by the mini goats that walk around so guest can feed them.  One thing I learned this year was to pack a lunch.  They have picnic tables located around the grounds which could extend your visit a little longer.
  • Hands on Art Studio  We went here last year.  The kids had a blast there but we were a little sticker shocked at how much the art items cost.  So be sure to look at that before going.  Tip would be to limit your kiddos to 1 or 2 are projects.



Saved the best for last!!  We just like to eat good food, keep kids happy, and attempt to drink a beer all at the same time.  Here are our go to food spots in DC.

  • Wilsons–  This is our favorite place to get ice cream and eat it by the lake.  The good is classic diner food.  The girls would warn you that the hotdog buns do have poppy seeds on them.
  • Good Eggs–  Best breakfast burritos!  You can also order them online for pickup but I would not miss out on their cute environment.
  • The Old Post Office–  The girls would vote this their favorite break spot.  I would have to say as a parent it was the best money spent and my kids actually ate all their food!  I could go for some warm toast with cherry jam right now actually!
  • Wild Tomato–  “Wild Tomato” would be one of the first places everyone would recommend when traveling to Door County.  We have been to both locations the original in Fish Creek and this time we tested out the new location in Sister Bay.  As a family of five I would highly recommend the Sister Bay location.  It is larger and there is a nice big park right behind the outdoor seating.  Be sure to order the bread basket appetizer…so good!!  AHHH and don’t forget to ask your waitress for pizza dough for your kids to play with while you enjoy your bread basket and cold beer!
  • Not Licked Yet–  This is a great place to go in the evening to burn off some kid energy off before bed.  Did I mention it’s an ice cream parlor too!  If I recall they have some crazy sundaes too!!
  • Ephraim Coffee Lab–  We made two trips here daily…morning and afternoon pick-me-ups.  Be sure to stop and talk to the owner.  He has a fascinating story and truly speaks to the fact that we all need to “slow down” and just enjoy the simple things in life…like coffee!  This is not your pasty, smoothy kind of coffee shop.  You go to appreciate the art of coffee.  Just don’t be like me and ask for skim milk when the sign clearly states “no skim milk.”  😉


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