I was recently asked, “do you ever yell at your kids??…No seriously, does the “schmitt” hit the fan in your house hold?”  It made me chuckle for a quick second, but here were my initial thoughts.  Clearly she doesn’t walk by my house when I’m closing windows because the majority of my family is crying or yelling.  The reality is, I have three kids that each have very different needs, and it is very challenging to juggle it all while keeping a calm tone in my voice trying not to show weakness to the kids.

Yes, this is dirty spilled all over the back of my van! (insert deep breathing)
                                             Child screaming because I won’t let her jump in the lake!                                             (insert quiet, calm voice so people don’t stare too much)

In my humble opinion, I say keep it simple parents! I have been asked by many people that come into our house what the “fuzzy balls” were all about. Essentially, it is the only behavior strategy that has remained consistent and has been effective for us.

The only items needed are jars and pom-poms (all thanks to Amazon Prime). You can use anything, which keeps it budget friendly. Each child has a designated jar, and for us, the girls had fun personalizing them by searching for the letters of their names in my old magazines.


Basically, it comes down to random acts of kindness.   Any time we catch them having a kind heart or words, we tell them to put a “rainbow” in their jar. Once their jar is filled, they get to have a fun experience. Most popular choices are fishing in the summer months and getting hot cocoa the other eight months of cold in Wisconsin.


For our house, we choose not to take poms away from them. This is only used to acknowledge positive behavior. It took a while for the girls to understand that it is on a “random” basis too. No one should ever feel that each time they do something kind they should be rewarded…that included us as adults. Plus, it keeps the pressure off the adults for keeping it consistent because it is created to be inconsistent…make sense?


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