Glass Slipper (capsule wardrobe-shoes)

First stop on our capsule wardrobe road trip is “Glass Slipper.”  We need to stride into summer knowing that our “kicks” are ready for anything.  It is important to invest in pairs of shoes you know you will be wearing frequently.  As you start your capsule wardrobe, it’s important to always look at each item and how many times you can mix and match that specific item.  Can it be dressed up and down by just adding a specific shoe or jewelry piece?  Sounds crazy, but you can dress up a t-shirt and distressed jeans by tossing on your favorite heels!  SO, here is a list of shoes to kick off your shoe collection:


Women’s Shades of Nude Pointed Toe Pumps- A New Day

Vans- Ward Lo Sneaker

Classic pair of low cut Converse


Toms- Natural Yarn Dye Women’s Sienna Wedges

Emery Espadrille Sandals- Universal Thread


Franco Sarto- Gauge Flat Sandal

Toms- Honey Leather Women’s Lexie Sandals

This season I am DYING for a reason to wear a flashy pair of open toed heels!  So be sure to keep checking Instagram to see what I finally decide to get!

#realschmitt #midwestblogger #lookgoodfeelgood #shoegame

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