ReFRESHing Home Decor

Happy Spring All! Now that the weather has caught up with the calendar, I have finally found the motivation to get my home ready for spring and summer! I know we all would love to have a home that is decorated and perfectly coordinated with the seasons. However, budgets, time and well, life, happens!

Here are Five quick tips to make your house feel ready for spring and all the sunny days ahead!

1. Lighten Up!


Think lighter colors and textures. Take a look around, identify any heavy materials (fuzzy, knitted, fleece) and colors that may make you think of cooler days. This could be throw pillows, blankets, bedding, hand towels…Think of adding a couple new throw pillows to your living room, maybe invest in a couple lighter weight blankets. Swap out darker colors for lighter ones. This is the place to try to light grays, pastels or florals. Pack away any cold weather textiles until fall! You do it with your clothes – why not with your home decor?! See some of my favorite picks below!


Shop these looks:

pillow, pillow, blanket, bedding

2. Spring Clean!

Use this time of year to treat yourself to some nice cleaning products and tools. Believe me, it will actually make cleaning (semi?) pleasant! Use a magic eraser on walls, doors, baseboards. Don’t be afraid to declutter! My trick to decluttering is to move things to the basement storage room. It’s temporary (and less permanent than tossing it!) and if you find that you miss it – move it back! If you find that you didn’t think about it once in the last year – donate it! See my favorite cleaning products and scents (believe me – they are awesome) below!

Shop these products:

  gloves, cleaner, erasers, spray

3. Bring the outdoors in!

I love having greens and flowers in my house almost all the time, but something about them in spring and summer just makes me happy! If you don’t like the idea of buying fresh flowers every week, invest in a new house plant (start with some easy low maintenance ones like succulents) or even a fake one! Also, I’m a fan of flowering branches. They liven up the space and last almost all season! Invest in a nice large vase to display them in. Don’t forget that grocery store flowers can do the trick too!

Shop these looks:

vase, branches, table planter, standing planter

4. Up your candle game!

I like to spring (no pun intended!) for a few new candles each season. Scent is such an important part of your home. Try light and fresh scents like ocean, flowers, rain, etc. I totally judge candles based on scent AND packaging. Although there are a lot of pretty candle holders to choose from too! Pair your favorite pillar candle with this cute woven holder below!

Shop these looks:

  holder, candle, candle, candle

5. Don’t ignore the bathroom!

I’m going to be honest – I usually do. But In Spring I like to do a full refresh. Update hand towels to fresh colors/patterns, buy a nice spring scented hand soap (TJ Maxx & Marshall’s have the best!), add a new bath mat/rug! Or treat yourself to a live plant, new bath towels, or a fresh shower curtain. I like to keep counter tops minimal. Maybe 1 candle and 1-2 decor items max. You can even go as far as to treat yourself to some new beauty items that are pretty enough to display!

Shop these products:

towel, curtain, spray, wash

I hope these quick tips help you bring some of the beauty of spring into your home! And remember – little changes can make a big difference!!

Happy decorating!


Xoxo -S.J.L-

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