“…because flowers make people happy!” -P.P.

Earlier this week, I literally threw the last chunk of snow in the air and cheered, as it shattered on the ground and melted instantly!  Although I do appreciate the four seasons, I always get antsy for the next season’s change in weather.  This spring and summer especially!…maybe it was the MISERABLE April weather in Wisconsin 😉

Anyways, although I consider myself a minimalist on many fronts, I appreciate curb appeal and believe this is an area worth stepping it up a notch.  No matter where you live, a little planter of “sunshine” makes you feel a little more at home and can make such a difference!

I have a girlfriend that has a gift of planting.  She will literally go off the grid if it’s time to plant, to channel her inner Martha Stewart.  Sometimes, I’d have dreams of doing that same thing.  Although I’ve read/heard many tricks to planters, I typically have resorted to purchasing a hanging plant, and plopping something on top…and usually was less than impressed with my work.  This time, instead of pretending like I know what I am talking about, I searched for a company that could educate me….which led me to Patio Petals.


Patio Petals is  a local business (in Lake Country, WI) that designs outdoor planters/containers for businesses and residential properties.  It was SO refreshing to meet the two gals that own and operate the business.  Not only are they a locally run women’s business, but they started just two years ago after some encouragement from their kids.


Just a few years ago, they were simply neighbors, raising their kids.  It just so happened they shared a love of planting/gardening.  When their children finally posed the question of, “why don’t you do this to make money?” their business was launched.  It is so inspiring to see that they have such passion and fun with their business.  What a great reminder too of how much our kids, no matter their age, look up to their mothers and believe we can do anything…we are the modern day super women!

So, my journey went from scouring Pinterest for the basics of outdoor planters…“1) height 2) fill 3) spill”, and it led to meeting a great company that I look forward to sharing with all of you! Shelly and Deb offer a truly unique experience for each client.  It is tailored to their specific need.  For me, I was able to understand the importance of selecting the perfect planter size and color, to best compliment my house.   If you need help keeping your planters thriving, they are your gals!

Mother’s day is RIGHT around the corner!  One item I intentionally left out of my Mother’s Day Gift Guide were flowers/plants.  This is the  #1 gift mothers receive on that day.  Instead of purchasing flowers that only will last a week, Patio Petals is offering a deal that you can not pass up for all local Lake Country residents.

For any purchase made from this blog, use promo code “Spring25” to receive $25 off your purchase. Let me be very clear though that this is not only limited to “moms”…we are using this term very loosely 😉

(Promotion available for new customers only)

Happy Planting!!

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