“Do You Bravo?”

No…I am not talking about my late-night-guilty-pleasure reality t.v. channel.  I am talking about an amazing app, that I just recently discovered.  First, let me tell you the back story about how and why I stumbled across this app.

How many people do we tip for their services?  Bartenders, servers, nail technicians, hair stylists and many more.

So, why not tip to show our appreciation for those who help us stay active and healthy?  Let’s take, for example, the fitness professionals that take the time to learn new material to keep our group fitness classes fun and exciting.  Or, maybe personal trainers, who create workouts unique to their client’s needs and bring energy to each session.


In a previous post, I mentioned that group fitness is a great way to get in shape while being held accountable.  The class I attend on Tuesday mornings averages fifty individuals.  Last week, there were 59 men and women in class kicking butt!  The music was bumping and our instructor was able to encourage and differentiate the material for everyone…especially those mama’s kicking it up for two!  But once the class is done, how can we show our instructors appreciation?

Sure, class numbers help with the facilities’ statistics and group fitness numbers, but the instructor is the one rocking out to the class music, memorizing each routine and finding ways to continually improve their teaching.

With this, I set out on a mission to research what we can do (as quick and easy as possible) as clients and consumers of fitness classes/training, to make a difference and show our instructors/coaches a little “financial” appreciation ;).  Most of our instructors/trainers are showing up every day because love being able to walk with us through our health journey.  They want to celebrate with us when we reach our goals.  It’s not necessarily the paycheck, but the ability have an impact on our health and quality of life!

This lead me to the app “Bravo”.   In the app, with a simple click of a button, you can send your appreciation directly to your “person”…or in this case, trainer/instructor.  So next time you go to the gym, start a movement.  Ask around if people have Bravo.  This is available to everyone, so be the one to get your instructor linked up and spread the word!

So if it’s your first class and you walk out wanting more or you are an avid lover of physical health and/or a specific instructor…maybe it’s time to show them a little extra appreciation ;)!  “DO YOU BRAVO?”

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