What is a capsule wardrobe?

Back in my former life as a teacher, my husband occasionally joked about my wardrobe having an “Ellen Degeneres” type of style.  Funny, I know ;).  But, as time went on, I started to see the consistent wardrobe themes myself…khaki pants, comfortable shirt/sweater, scarf and of course a pair of Converse.  Although my style has most certainly evolved over the years, I can say that I still continue to value comfort…while moving away from always wearing the Chuck Taylor’s.

Fast forward a couple years, and having my first two babies…I was in need of some serious wardrobe assistance!  Nothing seemed to fit quite right, and I struggled to put together outfits that I liked and felt good while wearing.  This is when I enlisted the help of an amazing stylist, Love, Krystle.  Working with her taught me a ton about fashion and how to best dress for your body type.  Going through this process, I learned so much (I could probably write a novel on the topic) but to keep things brief, I do think that there’s something we can do together this spring…creating a capsule wardrobe.


The purpose of the capsule wardrobe is to have a few staple items that you are able to mix and match, to create multiple outfits.  This also allows you to be creative with your accessories…which is also something I never did before we met.  It was a little scary at first, but now I know that accessories are the final touch to every outfit.  Bring out your inner kid and try something new!  Maybe multiple bracelets and a big watch or big earrings will be your new FAV thing to wear!

Question:  So, what are the next steps to create a Spring 2018 Wardrobe Capsule?

Answer:  Do your homework.  Search Pinterest to see if there are any styles that catch your eye, and do an inventory of what you may already own.  Don’t worry if your shirt is a couple years old and is a little short…just front tuck it a little and voila!  Or, scrub through your jean inventory and see what you like as well.  Personally, I like to always have one pair of dark denim, black denim, distressed boyfriend cut denim, and one pair of black leggings.  These are the items that I also choose to invest a little more money into, so they last longer and are more comfortable.

This spring, I will be right beside you working on my own personal wardrobe.  Throughout the next couple weeks, I will be posting on social media and the blog to keep you in the loop.  Your outfits should give you some joy and allow you to walk into a room with confidence…make it happen 😉


Photo Credit:  Mama Said Tees

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