Working Off The Peeps


Now that all the Easter candy and Girl Scout cookies have been consumed, it’s time to push the “refresh” button.  Last Monday was my first day back in the gym after a week long vacation and man did I pay for it!

What’s most evident to me in the fitness world, is that the most basic workout moves that have been around forever, still hold true to be the most effective.  Here is a quick three circuit workout.  Set your own personal goal…do you want to make it through the circuits twice?  Are you setting a timer for twenty minutes and trying to accomplish as much as you can within that time period?  Take these classic moves and mold it into something that works for you!  As always, it’s a great opportunity to get the whole family moving so saddle up next to your loved ones and get your sweat on!

Warm-Up your body with a light jog or run for 10-15 minutes.

Circuit 1:

  • 15 Jump Squats
  • 15 Squats (get low!  act as though you are sitting in a chair)
  • 24 Walking Lunges (extra challenge hold onto some weights…or gallons of milk!)
  • 24 Step Ups (step up onto a step and drive your opposite knee up)

Circuit 2:

  • 16 Skater lateral Jumps
  • 10 Burpees (classic fat killer!)
  • 24 Weight Step Ups
  • 15 Weighted Ball Squat and Press

Circuit 3:

  • 15 Push Ups (can be modified onto your knees)
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Tricep Push Ups

End with holding planks:  center, right, and left for one minute each…consider this your classic abdominal workout move!

It can be difficult to come across quick, effective workouts that allow you to modify them as needed.  As a part of this blog, I hope to provide you some “back to the basics” workouts and encourage you to move these spring and summer seasons!  Please pop over to Realschmitt’s Instagram page where you can find some additional online workout resources.

Here are some more music choices for your workout pleasure!

FRIENDS- Marshmellow

Sorry Not Sorry- Demi Lovato

Tip Toe (feat. French Montana)- Jason Derulo

The Middle- Zedd

More Than you Know- Axwell /\ Ingrosso

Strip That Down- Liam Payne

Thunder- Imagine Dragons

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