Workout Gear 101

Okay, so this post definitely isn’t an advertisement for Lululemon gear, but I’ve had enough conversations over the last few weeks, that I wanted to do a quick post on one of my favorite brands. For all of you who don’t know about Lululemon, they initially started about 20 years ago as a yoga/athletic apparel company.  Today, they carry a variety of super comfy leggings, shirts, hoodies, etc…  If we take a step back just 2 short years ago, I owned exactly zero Lululemon clothing pieces.  I would go to numerous stores/shops to try and find workout/comfort clothes, but I found myself less than thrilled with the quality/fit/comfort after only a few wears.  Many of these places left much to be desired.  That’s when I made the jump and purchased my first piece of Lululemon.  After snagging my first one, there was no turning back.  I can truly say I’m in a better mood when I’m wearing one of their items.  They are that comfortable.  So, I wanted to share with you a few basics I’ve learned about the brand that have changed my view of comfort for both workouts, and life.

First, download the “lululemon app” to your phone:
This makes shopping a breeze.  You can easily narrow down your search and, best part (or dangerous part), they save all of your payment information so all future purchases can be done before your coffee is even done in the morning!



NEVER pay FULL price:
The company has a section dedicated to discounted items called, We made too much.”  This is as close to a “sale” as you will get.  Unfortunately, Lulu does not have sales, so stop holding out, because it is not happening!  Double bonus…if you work in a health/wellness profession (i.e. yoga, cycling or dance instructor, a personal trainer), you can receive a 25% discount on your personal order.

Cool facts about Lulu:

  • They have global and local ambassadors for their company.  Next time you pop into one of their store fronts, look at the photos on the wall.  You just may recognize the local people they choose as their positive faces of physical health and well-being.  It is also fun to follow Lulu on Instagram. It allows you to see products on multiple body types and how products are used in different environments for different tasks.
  • There is a reason for their fabrics and their performance.  Checkout the “Fabric and Technology” page to best match the product design with what you are hoping to accomplish.  For example, I love the “naked sensation” fabrics for my everyday leggings but when I am working out I need to have more of a compression style fabric (see photos below).


I’ll be honest here…if you haven’t stepped foot in a store, intitially you may have some major sticker shock.  But, personally, after trying out many of their items, I think the investment in items such as leggings, is well worth the cost.  They last forever!  If you have a tear or a seam that bursts, you can bring them right back to the store and pick out a new one!!  Lastly, product care is key to keeping their quality for a long time.  I always try to wash Lulu articles by themselves, on delicate, and then air dry them…super easy, but very important. With a little attention and care, they will last longer than most clothes you’ve purchased in the past…just don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for that favorite pair of leggings or sweatshirt everytime you are home ;).

After MANY attempted “selfie” I chose to find some photos from our FL trip to share some of my go to Lulu pieces.

Top: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew (old color) Bottoms: Inspire Crop II *Luxtreme (black)
Top: Cool Racerback (old color)                           Bottoms: Circuit Breaker Skirt II (old color)


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