Seek-A-Saurus Review

This weekend, the girls had an awesome opportunity to preview at a brand NEW children’s book before it is released.  The girls certainly loved it and and as a mommy, I had a few thoughts of my own.  As I promised, I will always “keep it real” and this book review will be nothing short of that.


When we finished it at night, one of my girls literally cried when the book was finished because, unfortunately, we needed to head to bed.  They couldn’t get enough of it!

Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus is a story of three main characters, Daryl Dactyl, Steve Rex and your child.  It is based off of two very popular and familiar items in a young child’s life, pizza and hide-and-go-seek.  The book is told/written in a comic book style, so it really lets you as the reader, get into the dialog.  The book also allows children to feel a sense of independence….The get to do things like counting backwards from ten and search for the characters on the pages.


As a parent, it made bedtime reading a lot of fun and was a great book to jump start their excitement for reading.  As a former teacher, I would have loved to read this to students.  It would be a great literacy and social skills lesson.  Daryl and Steve could really get that one student excited about reading. Plus, teachers could always have the dino duo hiding in their classroom or around the school.

Please pop over to KWil Publishing and order your copy of Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus today!  It would be a great item to add to this years Easter basket!!

Mom’s Rating:  ***** 5 Stars

Kids’ Rating:  ****** Too many stars to count!


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Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus Release Countdown Day 4! Anybody having pizza for dinner tonight? Seve and Daryl’s soon to be famous ‘za is available for pre-order NOW at! One bite of this book and kids will be begging, “Read it it again!”

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