Snow Day!!

USA Banner:  Glam Banners   Medals:  Mama Said Tees

7:30 this morning: I was enjoying some morning coffee and snuggles with my girls, embracing our first snow day of the year!  After a larger than normal weekday breakfast, I was left to my motherly duty of dishes and finding ways to entertain the 3 girls.  As I predicted, by 8:30, I got my first “we’re bored.”  WHAT?!?!

Lucky for me, I had a quick easy craft up my sleeve.  Thanks to Mama Said Tees newsletter of course!!  The girls and I were able to build some excitement about the Olympic games, while talking about people we are grateful for!

As usual, I am keeping it simple!  The girls listed one family member, one friend and one person in the community; and stated what they are thankful for.


  • FREE Olympic medal thanks to MST
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • *Really anything you want to decorate*
  • Ribbon.  We are putting ribbon through the medals so the girls can deliver them.


Teacher friends!!  This is a great activity to do with your students next week when you return to school.  We can never lack conversations with our children about what it means to be kind.  Like I tell my girls every day, “kind words and kind hearts.”

Be sure to pop over to my Instagram account to watch the girls deliver their medals after our snow day. 

#realschmitt #midwestblogger #wearkindbekind #everydaykind #mamasaidtees

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