Nail-ed It!

Sometimes, it makes me cringe, thinking about all the money I have spent on manicures/pedicures over the years.  Although every woman loves being pampered, days at the nail salon can add up quickly and you often don’t realize the tab you’re building over time.  I was notorious for bumping a wet nail on my way out to the car, or chipping a nail right before a big event or trip.  Although I miss my frequent “spa” experiences, I find that it is much easier and cost friendly to do most of my “nail days”, at home, while keeping the pampering days, a bit more spread out.

I stumbled into my girlfriends house about a year ago, an hour before a fundraising event, and panicked because my nails looked like I dipped them in paint.  Little did I know that she had a true gift when it comes to make-up and nails!  As I sat on her kitchen counter, she told me “all you need is a good top coat.”  I shook my head in agreement and acted like I knew what the heck she was referring to….lol.  After many attempts and a good deal of searching, I found my favorite top coat…at TARGET!  Basically, I found that no matter how poor my color job looks, the final top coat helps hide any blemishes and gives it that extra spark that leaves people guessing if you had them done professionally.

Left: Good To Go/Top Coat Right: Quick-E/Finisher

Current Color Pallet:

I haven’t jumped into the spring colors quite yet, because I don’t want to jinx our crazy Wisconsin weather.  For my main two colors, I alternate between essie’s “without a stitch” and “winning streak.”  By staying within the grey and neutral pallets, it allows you to express your little pops of spring color through your outfits, without looking too “over the top”…

Left: without a stitch Right: winning streak

IF, you prefer color and/or are excited for a potential Valentine’s date, I have my three favorite essie colors: “cascade cool,” “come here,” and “happy wife, happy life.”  I would encourage everyone to go with “happy wife, happy life” or a red option.  We will be seeing a lot of pink in the months to come!

Left: cascade cool Middle: come here! Right: happy wife, happy life

Be sure to checkout my Pinterest page for upcoming spring fashion!

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