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Too good not to share!

As you have started to get to know me, you have probably discovered that I am not the main cook in our household.  I try at times, but it’s with moderate success.  I do consider myself the meal coordinator though ;). Over the past couple of months, I have watched endless Tasty movies that have shown up on my social media Newsfeed.  Since coming across their app, I have found meal coordinating on the fly to be much less stressful.  WARNING: browsing food videos does become very addictive and the majority of my food gawking is not always the healthiest of options…therefore, we have to make some adjustments.  We also have fun with the app to satisfy our sweet craving from time to time!  So, let me walk you through the app while satisfying my cookie craving.

Take notes:

  • In the top right corner you will find two icons.  One is a box with an arrow pointing up.  This allows you to export the recipe to another location and send all my food fantasies to other people.  The heart icon to the right allows you to save all your favorite recipes under your account which will make finding it again a breeze.
  • Under the list of ingredients, you will see “Export ingredients list.”  Ladies and gentlemen…this will change your world!  By a single click, you are able to text message a clearly laid out grocery list.  It’s clear enough that even your 8 year old can get all the ingredients for their bake sale.
  • Lastly, note the Step-by-step mode. I swear they must have a former teacher on their design team at Tasty.  This allows for all types of learners to walk through a single recipe,start to finish, with a coach along side them.

For those of you that may have a flip phone or would prefer a hardcover cookbook.  Look what little guy I stumbled across at Target.


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