Now that the Christmas decorations have slowly made their way down and into the basement, I wanted to change things up a bit as we move towards Valentine’s Day.  I think we all need something fun to break up the cold winter days/weekends…so what better time than now to do some “at-home” crafting.  The crafts below are great ways to put a little Valentine’s Day love in your house, at a low cost, while also entertaining your children along the way.

Disclaimer:  All of these crafts were Pinterest success stories!  Be sure to checkout Realschmitt on Pinterest!

Rose Wreath

This was a great craft to do with my 3 and 4 year old daughters.  It was super quick to finish with minimal mess.  To complete, I purchased twenty bundles of roses from Walmart at ninety-seven cents each, a dollar foam ring and tacky glue.

The girls had fun pulling the roses from the stems while mommy sipped her reheated cup of coffee ;).  Then, we would just put a dab of Tacky Glue on the end of the rose bud, and the girls would stick it into the foam ring.


The final product is truly a work of love.  It is an experience I was able to enjoy with my daughters, which made it extra fun!  For someone that finds crafting (at times) a little daunting, it was very easy!  This can also be recreated in the spring with fake tulips.  AND…if you stay on it, before you know it, you will have a new wreath for every season.

Heart Gallery Wall

This craft caught my eye right away on Pinterest.  At a glance, it appeared to be very simple and the different textures allowed each heart to have its own personality.  Checkout the direct link to the DIY canvas heart art.  The girls were able to help out with these as well.  Their favorite one was the glitter heart, because they could shake the glitter all over the place.  It turns out tracing the hearts on the canvas was the longest part of the craft, and even that only took a couple of minutes.

The pom-pom heart was MY favorite!  Just use hot glue to secure the poms and VOILA! that one is done!

The girls had fun with the crepe paper heart.  One of them cut little pieces about two inches long, while the other crumpled up the paper.  Mommy just had to put in on the stenciled line with a little glue.

Each heart has a story and it is a great way to dress up a wall during Valentine’s Day.  I chose to use the wall hooks that do not leave marks on walls.


I am so excited to see everyone spread a little love this Valentine’s season!

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