“Just Do It” -Nike

New Year, New YOU!  As we touched on briefly in an earlier post, one of the top New Year’s resolutions each year is to find time for physical fitness.  Many people walk into that new year wanting to become more “fit” or lose a few of those “extra pounds.”  With that resolution in mind, we often face the realities of a day and struggle to find that extra hour that seems so fleeting.  Things like working full-time, raising two or four legged children, being an active participant in your spousal relationship or getting dinner on the table before “hangry” sets in all become real barriers. On top of these, there are probably many other reasons that make it a challenge to find time for our physical health.

Starting a new fitness/wellness routine can be daunting when first diving in. With so many choices out there, where do you start? Also, the amount of gym opportunities, endless class lists, or simply the flashy Zumba outfits, can be enough to push anyone away from starting a new lifestyle and pressing pause for another year.


Let’s break this down…

First, don’t place unrealistic pressure on yourself!  Try out a few different things and pick something that is enjoyable. Within the past couple of months I have jumped into numerous Les Mills classes and found that I love them!  The classes allow you to leave your “worries” at the door and just enjoy an hour of just focusing on you!

Checkout this article Les Mills recently published, “Group Fitness the Great Stress-Buster” and I dare you to give group fitness a try.  Can you break your stress level by working up a sweat regularly?

Group fitness is not only a great way to get some exercise, but a great way to hold yourself accountable.  Many women (and men for that matter ) initially don’t want anyone watching during these workouts, but when you realize everyone is in there to have fun and get a sweat, you quickly get over it. The majority of the time, everyone is just trying to keep up with the instructor or trying to keep up with the group. Simply, group fitness allows you to let your hair down and have fun. Even though I am facing the wrong direction half the time, I somehow find my way to the finish. How boring would it be if we all went the right way, anyways?

There is also a sense of camaraderie when you work out with others as well.  Similar to why Crossfit has become so popular with their “community based training.” Humans are creatures of habit, so just by walking in the room, you are now “in.” The same people will show up to the same classes and more than likely stand in the SAME spots (literally). Over time this will be come a calming factor and you will be administering high-fives before you know it!

Group fitness can be different for each person and their schedules. There are times when it could just be a walk/run around the block with a girlfriend in the evening. Or pushing back your weekend coffee so you and a buddy can get in a hot yoga class. We all probably know someone who has a passion for physical fitness; it’s up to us to seek them out to start a new routine in 2018. I am excited to share some of my personal workout successes and fails throughout the year!

Here are just a few local spots to checkout:

  • YMCA (Offers free guest past to facility with tour)
  • Orangetheory (Offers free session to local residents)
  • Pure Barre (Offers first week free of unlimited classes then a discounted membership)
  • Burn BootCamp (Offers a 14 day free “Test Drive”)
  • CrossFit Rohkeus (Offers a free week to try them out)


My TIPS…treat yourself a new workout shirt or shoes and find another person to workout with or join a class together. 

Lastly, always make sure the music is pumping and never forget your water (and a fresh piece of gum if you’re like me).



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  1. Pure barre is great low impact! They email you how many classes completed, and give you the opportunity to earn discounted classes with increased attendance.


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