Money, Money, Money


What do you do with the random gift cards your grandma/aunt/sister gave you for Christmas?  It’s always fun to go shopping with money that “technically” isn’t yours, right?? Well, now that the holidays are over, I still think the temptation to spend money now is hitting us in just as many directions as it was during the holidays. Black Friday, cyber Monday (blah, blah, blah).  Now, we’re seeing advertisements for gym memberships, post-holiday wardrobe upgrades, home furnishings and decor.  The question is, do you give into the power of media or do you make a financially smart decision?

Want to know the top five stores to shop in January?  Check out this article I found from Money Talks News highlighting The Best and Worst Things to Buy in 2018.

Things I would definitely look at purchasing off this list would be a gym membership OR, if you already have one, could you go in and have them price adjust your current rate?

If you know me, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that our family has a minimal amount of towels and every year we say, “let’s get more on cyber Monday.”  Well, that has never happened, so this January, it may be worth considering that post-holiday purchase that keeps evading us ;).  Plus, once the flu hits the household (knock on wood) you can never have enough towels.

Lastly, updating or adding to any holiday decor is a good bet.  For all the men out there, this is a great way to score some points with your significant other.  Snag them a giftcard to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Target with a note that just says, “let’s light it up.”  Right now, at Lowe’s, all of their Christmas decor is up to 75% off…BOOM!  Looking to hit the gym for your New Year’s resolution checkout Target‘s big sale on the C9 workout collection.  I love quality and how it’s so practical!

So before swiping your plastic, a little post-holiday research might be just what you needed!


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