Digging a Little Deeper

Now that we have established the “why” to the blog, it’s time to dig a little deeper into who I am, why things I post are relevant to me, but also to discover how my “F’s” surfaced.

FOOD:  Some would say, a healthy lifestyle should be based around an 80/20 motto…aka, most of the time make the smart choice, but leave some room for indulgence.  Over the years, our family definitely has gravitated to this 80/20 motto.  The eighty percent typically represents the food we consume on a daily basis.  I come from a long family history of people that do not cook.  But, I am fortunate to have landed a husband that is an amazing cook and enjoys creating healthy versions of the foods that I crave.  Did you know that you can still have a delicious chicken and broccoli alfredo, with a fraction of the calories and NO butter?…boom!  I am slowly, and I mean VERY slowly, overcoming my cooking handicap, learning how to bake one chicken breast at a time.  I still managed to botch popcorn last night though 😉  But, the recipes shared under the “Foodie” page will be tested by my family, and the majority will be simple and clean.  With that said, even though we strive to be make the “healthy” choice most of the time, it’s always nice to indulge once in a while.  That’s where the 20% falls in to place…leave some room for the good stuff 😉  I have quite the sweet-tooth, so there will be many sweet treats that show up on here as well, which will surely not disappoint.

FITNESS:  On top of trying to live by the 80/20 motto for food, we also try to stay active as a family…probably not very different from a lot of you.  The top two New Years resolutions for 2018 were to “improve your fitness” and “eat healthier.”  Surprising?…I’d say no.  But how can we make it a lifestyle versus a short term resolution?  There are so many ways to get your heart rate up this year!  No need to stress about always finding time to hit the gym or keep up with the latest workout challenge.  I try to look for fun ways to get your heart rate up and enjoy your experience.  With that said, I try to make working out a priority in my day (otherwise my husband would be paying off a large therapy bill). I use this time to blow off any negative energy.  When I’m active, it has a direct impact on my mental health and has a domino effect on ones around me. Together we will find a way to bring the sexy back into your workouts, so be sure to checkout the “Fitness” page.

FAMILY:  On a different note, raising kids can often be similar to attending a circus…so the more tricks you have up your sleeve, the better.  Although my oldest is only 4.5, I have quickly learned that the days go by slowly but the years go by fast.  I can’t wait to hear about other peoples’ tricks for juggling tasks, maintaining sanity around their house, all while living in the moment and creating a memorable childhood for your kids.


Photo by: Julie Collins Photography

FASHION:  It’s always nice to pull together an outfit and feel good in it, but more importantly, feel comfortable.  Fashion is about embracing the body you HAVE.  There are so many ways to create an outfit to match your body type and still feel good.  I’m a huge fan of taking what you have already in your closet, and putting a different spin on how it looks or feels.  At the end of each season, I often challenge myself to dive into our closets, and find a way to make it to the final stretch (the last month) because I know it doesn’t make sense to go out and buy anything new.  While my style is always evolving, I hope to drop some ideas/thoughts on how we can feel good, look good, but also be comfortable.  Side note:  I also hope to share some men’s fashion ideas…because everyone knows a good looking man makes everyone’s day a little bit brighter.

SIDE NOTE:  Here’s a little treat for you! The blog will host numerous guest writers, so you won’t have to listen to me all the time.  It’s always good to know a few people that have hidden talents, and I am excited to share them with you too.  Cheers!

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  1. Loved your comment about therapy vs. fitness. I am totally in a funk with working out and then the depression and anxiety sets in. I totally know if I just workout more, I’d be in a much better place mentally.

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